In a joint press release today, IFX Forum and NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association announce their intent to pursue a strategic combination.

NACHA and IFX Forum have two primary goals for this merger:

1. Accelerate industry standard API development. This combination will accelerate and strengthen the development of standardized APIs by combining the efforts of IFX and NACHA in support of diverse, global financial services industry stakeholders.

2. Leverage common infrastructure and member participation. This combination allows members to develop and leverage a common infrastructure over time, and focus more of their standardization efforts through a single organization, providing efficiency for the industry and ensuring a unified delivery platform.

The IFX Forum Board of Directors feels strongly that this merger will bring exceptional energy, positive benefits and increased value to IFX Forum members.

The merger is subject to consent by IFX Forum members. Upon approval, the organizations expect to close a definitive agreement by the end of March 2018.

There are many reasons why this strategic combination makes sense.

Aligned API development efforts. NACHA and IFX Forum see great value in aligning the API development priorities of both the API Standardization Industry Group (ASIG) and the IFX Open Banking API Work Group.

Both organizations share common interests. The combination of NACHA and IFX enables natural and timely alignment that is synergistic and healthy for all stakeholders from technical, business and operational perspectives.

Additional resources. NACHA supports and provides resources for ASIG. With IFX Forum as a part of the NACHA organization, additional member resources can be brought to both the ASIG and IFX API Work Group efforts.

Technical and global expertise. IFX brings NACHA additional technical expertise in the area of API message development and a broad perspective on global requirements for interoperability.

Beyond payments. NACHA is an established leader in payment and adjacent standards. IFX adds financial standardization expertise beyond payments to include core banking, branch banking, corporate banking, card management, loans and more.

Industry innovation. IFX is an established leader in standards for banking. NACHA’s diverse membership beyond financial institutions will accelerate innovation and widen applicability of the merged organization. Together, the organizations will be able to build more relevant standards in existing and new business domains.

API leadership. The collective talents of IFX and ASIG members will lead the development of standardized APIs, as well as other standards where it’s important for diverse financial services industry stakeholders to come together.

So, what does this mean to you?

Independence and community. IFX Forum will continue to operate individually as an independent group within NACHA. The merger brings IFX Forum into a larger community with greater organizational support.

Continuity. IFX will continue to support and enhance its standards. The intellectual property for those standards will be preserved and available to all IFX Forum members.

Continued international impact. IFX’s international impact and global participation will continue via memberships in ISO 20022 and other international standards bodies.

Clearer business requirements. The business-centric approach of NACHA members will enable clearer business requirements definition, driving more focused and relevant technology development.

Increased value. The combination adds resources and expertise in the API space, increasing the value of IFX Forum for existing and prospective members and subscribers.

If you’re already an IFX member, now is the perfect time to get more involved in our active working groups to help form the future of our standard.

If you’re an IFX subscriber, now is the perfect time to increase your influence on the standard by becoming an IFX member.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the tremendous potential for this strategic combination!

IFX Forum members may direct questions about this proposed transaction to Rich Urban or Anita Brady.