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As an organization whose clients include FIs from around the world, participating in shaping Open Banking API standards has been a rewarding experience for ACI. Our involvement with IFX has helped improve our internal standards and drive consistency across our API and SOA-based solutions.

Ajmal Syed

Chief Architect, ACI Worldwide


If you’re not participating in Standards Development, then you’re either re-inventing the wheel or playing by somebody else’s rules! The IFX standard contains thousands of data elements and hundreds of messages specifically designed for banks by banks and bank partners over 18 years.  Our service-oriented, object-based message standard is ideal for API-enabled deployments, too.

The Standard

The IFX Business Message Specification (BMS) began in 1998 and today is the industry-leading message standard for financial institutions using Service Oriented Architecture.

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Content Coverage

The IFX Business Message Specification covers a broad range of content for most retail and business banking needs, with more than 60 business objects and thousands of data elements.

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With IFX as our starting point, IT can deliver results better, faster, and more efficiently.

Keith Woodie

Systems Engineer Consultant, First Citizens Bank

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