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IFX Forum participants have a bird’s-eye and insider’s view of the financial services industry and standards development in that sector.  On this page we share our perspectives, opinions and observations.  Much of this will be commentary on current trends and much of it will be forward-looking.  To keep up with our views, follow us Twitter @IFX_Forum and @IFXPresident and bookmark this page for future reference.

Rich Urban Speaks Out on the Future of Banking APIs

IFX Forum President Rich Urban’s views on the future of APIs in banking have been published at the “Future of Everything” website.

He starts out by saying “In technology spheres the concept of APIs is hardly new.  Why all the hullaballoo these days over Open Banking APIs?”  Read the rest of his thought-provoking comments at

The Internet of Payments

The growing trend for banks to open themselves to interoperability enabled by APIs can lead to dramatic shifts in the marketplace.  In September 2016, IFX President, Rich Urban and Traxiant CEO, Roger Bass, published this white paper and presented it to a large group of vendors and banks interested in the subject.

The white paper focuses on one particular capability that can be easily imagined as part of the ecosystem that can evolve from Standardized Banking API protocols.  Among other things, we conclude that conditions are ripe for banks, vendors and other service providers to join forces to realize the IoP potential.  We further propose that this work can be an early example of how Standardized Banking APIs can be developed and managed in such a way as to create competitive advantage for early adopters.

Take a look at this PowerPoint Summary of the white paper . Standardized Banking APIs and the Internet of Payments Sept 2016 and the white paper itself Building the Internet of Payments for Business 20160816.