IFX Forum recently conducted a survey of the users who have registered for access to the Business Message Specification (BMS) in the last 18 months – nearly 800 individual users. The survey was intentionally short.  We simply wanted to get a better picture of how the specification is used.  About 20% of the users clicked through the invitation and responded to the survey helping us get a clearer picture of the IFX value proposition.

As the chart above illustrates, more than half of the respondents report IFX-based applications in production with more projects underway.  Here are some of the other findings.

About 2/3 of the respondents were from banks or credit unions…

…and more than half of the respondents were designer/architects.



It’s not too surprising that the IFX Business Message Specification is used as a message model by about 2/3 of the respondents.  Most use the BMS for more than one purpose.

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