The IFX Forum holds several face-to-face meetings every year. Our by-laws require that we hold a members meeting annually in the spring. The annual meeting agenda includes elections to the board of directors by the full membership, followed by the new board filling the officer positions of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer from within its ranks. The results of the 2017 elections can be found here.

The real focus of the Annual Meeting this year was the first in-person meeting of the Open Banking APIs Working Group. Building on the work of the Architecture Committee last year and its self-organizing work earlier this year, the group got off to a great start! Some highlights:

  • Elected Steve Goren, Tata Consultancy Services, to the position of WG chair
  • Prioritized several work efforts associated with moving the IFX standard towards easily implemented APIs based on REST, JSON and XML
  • Confirmed the deliverables schedule outlined in the approved working group charter

The meeting attendees also had the benefit of hearing firsthand from Carnegie Mellon University professor Michael McCarthy,  and the master degree students he mentored through a significant, real-world exercise of implementing APIs to satisfy several PSD2 scenarios using the IFX standard and the BIAN service landscape. The project was a complete success. The students were able to use the IFX-generated swagger files to build APIs for account aggregation and person-to-person payments through third-party payment providers.

Attendees also benefited from a presentation from ASC X9 experts on tokenization standards. The API Working Group members were pleased to have this educational opportunity as they look at security and privacy considerations related to Open Banking APIs. The IFX Forum and ASC X9 have a working relationship under a Memorandum of Understanding. The two organizations are looking for further opportunities to expand their relationship, with this educational presentation serving as a case-in-point benefit of such cooperation.

The next IFX Forum Face-to-face meeting is tentatively scheduled for October 2017.