BMS subscriptions provide developers and evaluators with cost-effective ways to access and use the IFX Specification.

Enhancements include a new IFX Easy Access™ evaluation subscription, and new IFX Advanced™ subscription levels for individual implementers and 10-user teams. Subscription pricing has been streamlined to match the new offerings and provide a progressive track for increased usage.

IFX Easy Access. This option provides evaluators and business analysts with a single-user subscription to navigate the current release of the specification online. After a 30-day free access period, IFX Easy Access subscribers who continue with either a paid monthly or annual subscription also receive the current release in PDF form.

IFX Advanced. The IFX Advanced Subscriber option provides developers, system architects and other technical staff with access to tools that improve the productivity and quality of IFX-based implementations.

Advanced subscriptions include multiple utilities for XML schema generation, XSD generation, and schema merging. In addition to online and PDF versions, this level provides the current version of the specification in Microsoft Help file format (CHM) and downloadable HTML format. It also provides access to incremental versions (point releases) of all off-line formats during the subscription period. And it now allows IFX Advanced subscribers to engage in the ongoing enhancement of the BMS itself.

IFX Advanced subscriptions are available in single-user (new), 3-user, 10-user (new) and enterprise-wide versions.

Streamlined Pricing. With these changes to the subscription levels, new simplified pricing went into effect in October 2016.

IFX Easy Access Free for 30 days
$50/month or $500/year thereafter
IFX Advanced, Single-user $995/year
IFX Advanced, 3-user $1,995/year
IFX Advanced, 10-user $2,995/year
IFX Advanced, Enterprise $5,995/year
IFX Forum Membership $9,995/year (Corporate)
$5,995/year (Small Business)
Includes all features of IFX Advanced Enterprise subscriptions, among other benefits

Existing subscribers. Existing BMS guests and subscribers received a letter that detailed how the enhanced subscription levels and pricing would affect them, and that outlined options for continuing or upgrading their BMS access.