IFX Forum is committed to deliver smoothly functioning services to the financial marketplace using standardized APIs. While many organizations in the financial services industry are talking about Open Banking APIs, IFX is actually doing something to advance this important initiative. Our new API Demonstration gives you a taste of our approach and progress.

The IFX API Demonstration provides an initial hands-on sample of several typical business scenarios in financial account management including:

  • Validate account
  • Get account balance
  • Show account information
  • Several PSD2 use cases

In the demo, these requests are enabled by fully functional IFX-defined APIs in a Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture. Using our sample dataset, you can see both a user-facing display and the JSON resources resulting from these API calls.

For example, here’s the programmer’s view of the user-facing display shown at the top of this post:

API Demonstration

For those interested in a more technical deep dive, our new IFX RESTful Lab demonstrates a RESTful implementation of the IFX Business Message Specification version 2.4. This demonstrates RESTful calls which operate on REST resources based on the IFX Objects.

Try them yourself!