Accounts API Samples

This demonstration page uses fully functional IFX-defined APIs to simulate several business scenarios related to account validation, account inquiries and others. But this is just a taste of what the IFX standard offers in readily implementable capabilities. Every IFX object can be adapted to your API strategy. If you’re interested in a more technical perspective (swagger.ui) and viewing every object in the IFX standard follow this link. IFX RESTful lab

The IFX-defined APIs are easy to implement on the Microsoft Azure platform. There are many benefits to be realized by doing so including: Developer registration and management, automatic tracking of calls to API by Developer/Application, API Usage statistics and stub code in most popular languages. If you’re interested seeing the more about that, follow this link. RESTful Lab on Azure


Account API Scenarios

Validate Account

In practice, the Validate Account scenario would be used to ensure an account number is correct and that the account is active to make/receive payments.

Get Account Balance

In practice, the Get Account Balance API would be used to retrieve the current balance for a specific account. This might be used to ensure an balance sufficient to make a payment.

PSD2 Account Information

PSD2 requires banks to share certain account information more broadly than banks have done historically. This is driving banks to standardize mechanisms and interfaces in order to avoid a chaotic mix of point-to-point interfaces with AISPs (Account Information Service Providers).

IFX Account Information

The IFX standard includes a very robust definition of the elements and structure of an Account Object. This API provides a representative sample of the information available.


Start by entering an Account number…

Ordinarily a list of accounts as shown here would not exist or would be available only to certain privileged users.
In order to facilitate ease of use for this demonstration page, we provide the list as a means of selecting valid accounts from our sample data store.

Choose an account here to populate the field above.


…then pick an API and execute it.

Get Account Balance
Validate Account
Get PSD2 Account Info
Get IFX Account Info

Finally, switch between the user view and programmer view.

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